I have already paid, but I'm being asked to pay again?

When the code pops up after installing a clock face enter the new 5 digit code here. Your clock face will instantly unlock for free.

How change 12 / 24 hour format on Versa clock?

The 12 / 24 hour clock face by based on your Fitbit Account settings:

  • Going to Fitbit.com and login with your Fitbit account
  • Right top you can sselect your settings
  • There under the time / clock setting you can select 12 or 24 hour format
  • After in your Mobile Fitbit app you need synchronise the Versa Clock with the app

How do I uninstall the clock face?

If you would like to change your clock face just select another one from Fitbit Gallery and the new install replace your clock face on your device.

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